Caste Room

Lyrics by @xUnreachablee

Soaring through the sky with no care just like a butterfly,

that's watching the clouds swirling around

The sky's not the limit so let's reach for much more than the stars, with me, up high

Glaring up above won't do you anything

You gotta find a better way to catch them from down here, with no fear

All you wish for interwining as one

All of your actions will guide you the way

Stepping out won't be as difficult

We're waiting for the shadows to mix with light

Waiting for the moment to make us rise

With this restricted way of living today

You get to choose who will be guiding the way, 

so don't let your dreams go astray


Step by step, hold onto me tight

but remember to take a hold of your light

Change might bring you back to start 

but know that we'll help you throughout

We will crawl back up, nothing slows us down

since the sky's still waiting for us to head out

To take a chance, in this crazy world we call

"Earth" while it goes 'round and 'round