Dead Or Lie!

Originally performed by: Maon Kurosaki feat.TRUSTRICK

Lyrics by Jenny (@xUnreachablee

Stand up!
Doesn't matter if these voices in your head say
Yes or no, where to go
You can live without them

The game that chooses fate as if there's no choice:
Dead or lie! Dead or alive!
You can find the way to freedom

Go out!
Even if your heart can't cope with the fear and your doubts
You can get through, even if they will hold a lie against you

What to do, for what cost?
What to have, for what loss?
It's hard to know at first
But you'll break through with this last bullet left!

Never land!
Even when the world is monochrome and doesn't stop for me to turn
Never end! Never land?
My heart will never lose it's true color.
The end of the world!
Holding onto hope that gets me out of the despair that holds me back today
I'll hold my breath and take aim
The future I want to see, I'll hunt it down til they plea.