Deal with the Devil

Lyrics by @xUnreachablee (inspired by HazelTune's version)

“I’ll hold” “I’ll stay”, what to play? Don't you dare show your hand

Play their games and stop your mind. Just like that, oh right~

Where we're heading, we don't know, heaven or hell?

In this game there's just one rule: "The one that wins, will own your body and soul"


Gambling is all 'bout showing guts

Just keep them guessing and call all their bluffs

Don't play with me, I’ll bet anything so bow down to your gambling queen


Deal with the devil

Seeing through

I'll make you regret playing with me, so let’s make a bet on who will win 

Then I’ll own you

Our meal and dance, it’s endless

I’ve thrown away my sanity, boy

And I’ll never let anyone take you


Deal with the devil

Saw you through

There’s no one who can get in my way, my body is burning up and I'm feeling priceless 

Our meal and dance, it’s endless

So will you fold or will you join as 

You quiver with me, burning my heart


Am I wishing or fulfilling my inner sin

Make me feel, oh so real the way only you can do, honey~