Endless Starlight

Originally performed by: 浅場佳苗 (Kanae Asaba)

Lyrics by Jenny (@xUnreachablee)

No time for tears and sadness 'cause you shine bright like a star through the night
Getting strong with each step you take to get thus far to protect what you hold close

Everyone has a dream that get's kinda lost these days
While you hold onto what you hope..
Think it'll happen as soon as you think that the dream is dreamt at last

Hold on tight and start believing
I won't stop calling your name through void in your heart that's growing strong [Cry of sorrow]
Please stay determined for now, don't leave me alone [Stay with me]

Can you hear them singing loud, the stars up high shine bright, you'll be alright
while you fight [Falling star] Shooting through the night, shining bright
Like endless starlight

You will overcome these hard feelings and create a new tomorrow
Standing strong, believe in yourself
Beating aloud to the beat, your glowing heart [My heart it glows]

Wishes and dreams 'round the world will be heard
While we sing along to this song

Let's get through this together [It's a new day] Hold onto me, we got this [It's a new way]
We'll start anew from here and now
While our hearts shine endlessly