Uso No Hibana

Lyrics by @xUnreachablee

Every part of myself, I'd give all to you

Even though, would you care to love me at all?

And I know, it's so simple yet so obscure

But I fear, it's the least I can do


"If fate exists, would you mind, could you lead me through

the hardships we share, as we're meant to be for now."

All these words in my mind

will destory what we have.. so I refuse to tell


Even though we're close, we seem to lose ourselves in distance

While we watch the petals falling down without insistence

"I give up, no I won't give up"

It's an endless game of flower fortune telling


Locking up my hopes and dreams inside my hollow heart while

I try to embrace my only chance to show my love but

Hiding all my colors once and for all 

Leaves me scarred with them turning back to grey


I'm in so much pain

But I'd love you oh so much, and again



Part I cut out:


Don't dare look away when our eyes might meet, show me more

Colors that you hide show them all at once, only once

Guide me to the light let me see your pain, no more blame

Show me all at once, no need to say any more..