You Don't Need to Kill

Lyrics by @xUnreachablee and the help of @sedgeie

"You Don't Need To Kill"
                          - Undertale Parody -

Remember: You don't need to kill
You can just solve it in peace
You don't need to kill, that is to say
You solve it in peace

Keep your mind clear
Raise your head and believe
You can get out of this world without hurting

We all here have, our hopes and our dreams
Let's just get back home and eat a piece of pie

I don't want pie
Just get outta my way
Chara, listen, don't you want to forgive
Right Jab, Left Stab
Jeez Chara, quit it already

Everything you hate, everything you kill you'll just regret

Oh c'mon my child, this isn't what you truly want, right?
You just gotta realize that we, we all just have one goal
Live together happily and in peace, y'know

So you don't need to kill,
You should know that by now
You don't need to kill, that is to say
You'll solve it in peace

Keep my knife high
As to kill them faster
Chara no
Watch their lives all shatter death comes to them and..
You're s'posed to want me to live, geez Chara. Just
take a break and let's get some pie..
*Chara throws knife*
Did you really think a slice of pie would stop me?

In this short existence
I will make a difference
Watch the corpses pile high, make a fort of death

And so I'm going to kill
I don't need your damn peace
(You can solve it in peace)
Have any last words?
Don't gimme that look for soon you will
Be resting in peace

Wait Chara, don't take another step!
You realise I'm going to kill you now right?